Life in the boat

When you get an expedition which departs from Ushuaia, you need at least two days to arrive to the Antarctic Peninsula. Then, you have time enough to know very good the ship. All floors, to locate your cabin, the dining room, bar, coffee station, restrooms in each floor, the main deck and the exit site to take the zodiac to go the coast. Always is possible to visit the bridge, where is commanded the vessel. If the ship is a recent model, maybe you can’t see to anybody driving, ha… is a automated system with a pre-recorded routes with the GPS. If is and old model ship, you will see a marine officer in front of the helm.
The crossing always include a party with BBQ in the main deck outside. A costume party, when everybody tries to show the best, original and improvised costume.
As part of the program of the expedition, many conferences may happen, of many kind of topics, relatives to the expedition: the animals, all about the ice, the rocks, many history facts of each place of desembark and data. One mandatory conference, is about security and how to save the places that will be visited. Not to disturb the animals and save their nests. All things that disembark most to come back to the ship, including waste. Anything can be lost. How to protect the cameras and electronic devices from the rain or snow. Also, how to take better pictures in white enviroments by snow. How to get and travel in the zodiacs. How to desembark on the beach. In Antarctica, almost all landings are wet landings. There are no ports waiting us. The zodiacs arrives to the beach with sand or rocks.
Usually, you can find a library with hundreds of interesting books, maps and magazines. Also a small collection of dvds with documentals and historic movies. All related to the expedition and the Antarctica or polar zones, if the ship goes to the Arctic too.
Remember that, when in North hemisphere is Winter, in the South hemisphere is Summer. The Summer season is the best to visit the poles. For the North, the season is from May to September. For the South, is from November to March. Many ships makes both itineraries during the year. Between seasons, the ship navigates to the pole and gets mantenance service.


Soft landing in Ushuaia International Airport USH


Moment of the landing in Ushuaia International Airport USH, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, known as Malvinas Argentinas International Airport.