Detaille Island brief



Is a small island off the northern end of the Arrowsmith Peninsula in Graham Land, Antarctica. It’s located at 66°52′ South, 66°47′ West.

Is the most southern place achieved by the expedition on February 28, 2013. Is an historic site. There are an old United Kingdom station. There are visible old wood buildings and few antennas. It was home to “Base W” of the British Antarctic Survey, from 1956 to 1959. It was established as a British science base primarily for survey, geology and meteorology.

Jean Baptiste Charcot, the French Explorer, in his “Porquoi Pas” expedition in 1909, was responsible for charting much of this area including Detaille Islets.

There, we saw many Adelie penguins, skúas, leopard seals and others. We climbed a mountain with snow, maybe with 20 meters high. We stayed there more than an hour and a half. The expedition leader tooks a group picture of all participants for memories. The great views from the southern place was wonderful. I marked the site with my GPS, and shows a distance in row to the South Pole of 2,582.3 kilometers, as 1,605 miles. In August 31, 2011, I was near to Moffen Island, in Svalbard Archipelago, at 80° North, at little bit more than 1,000 kilometers of the North Pole or 90°N.