Petermann Island

In 2008 was my southernmost place that I arrived. Is a very popular site to made landings in Antarctic Peninsula. Is located in 65°10’S, 64°10’W.

The place of landing is Port Circumcision. Was discovered in January 1st, 1909 by the French Antarctic Expedition under Charcot. This port was used as base for the ship “Pourquoi-Pas?”.

There you can find gentoo and adelia penguins. Also Imperial cormorans, Wilson storm petrels, Snowy sheathbills and South polar skua. Mountainous landscape.

There are an argentinian hut as refugy, including a conmemorative cross, and site and historic monument No. 27.

At the visit of this place, we must be careful with the skuas, because is possible they be aggressive. Walk slowly. We must to give way to the animals. We must to be at least at 5 meters away from the animals.

In my visit in 2008, by the date, second week of February, I found many gentoo penguin moms protecting and feeding their chicks. The chicks too young between the legs of his mom. Nice pictures I took. Also this time, two anchored sailboats was there.

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