Neko Harbor

Is located in 64°50’S, 62°33’W. I have been there twice. This place is in continental land of the Antarctica Peninsula. Most of the places usually visited in expeditions are in islands. It’s in Andvord Bay.

There are a big colony of gentoo penguins. In front of the beach, there are glacier, and behind the beach there a mountain, that is possible to walk and climb, to see beautiful views from ice cliffs. Great pictures and videos from there. The expedition leader adviced from the ice fall down when the ice of the glacier is broken. We must to be careful when the ice fall, because increase the sea level in the beach. If it’s happens, it’s necesary to run in opposite side, climb a mountain, to be safe. Suddenly may happen without advice.

In 2008, when my expedition arrives, big ice blocks was in the beach, product of a broken ice from the glacier. I remember, had oportunity to took some pictures with this ice blocks. In this time, I prefered to stay near to the beach with the penguins.

In 2013, a very activated colony of gentoo penguins, full of life and natural sounds. I had opportunity to watch them, for a long time. Also in this time, I climbed the mountain, that it’s necesary to walk maybe a half of kilometer or more, in soft snow, to get the top, and admire the views of the glacier, the sea, and the beach, with the ship and the sun far away, near to sunset. (Remember that in Antarctica, in summer, the sun always is near to the horizon or at the sea level, due to the position of the continent respect the globe).

In the first time, there was a small orange wooden hut, just above the beach, used as emergency shelter built, but when I came back in 2013, it was desappeared.

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