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I’am Humberto Sanchez Baquedano from Mérida, México, and I want to share with all the world, my experiences that I have had in my expedition travels, to wonderful places in the South and the North of the planet. I invite you to see this short video:



Here you will find my video and photographs from Antarctica, the Arctic, Galapagos Islands and other interesting places that I have had opportunity to visit.

My experience starts in 2006, when I traveled to Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina, sailing the Beagle Channel and visiting Ushuaia, Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia and Bariloche. There I discovered it was possible to travel further south.

My first polar expedition was in February 2008, onboard the M/V Andrea, visiting, many places on islands and continental land of Antarctic Peninsula. South. Walking beside serveral species of penguins. Arriving this time, at Petermann Island at 65°10’S. Returning to Ushuaia, I took a airplane ride over the Island of Tierra del Fuego.

In September 2010, I went on an expedition to Galapagos Islands, Ecuador onboard the M/V Santa Cruz, watching closely, unique wildlife in the world on several islands of the Archipelago.

In August and September 2011, I went to the Scandinavian Arctic, on an expedition, onboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, starting on Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard Archipelago from Norway. Crossed the Arctic Polar Circle, reaching Moffen Island at 80° North, a distance of 1,000 kilometers or 622 miles to the 90°N or geographic North Pole.

In February and March 2013, I went to my second trip to Antarctica, on an expedition onboard the M/V Ushuaia, crossing the Antarctic Polar Circle, more than the paralel 66° 33′ 44″ in February 28, visiting Detaille Island with a GPS position 66°52.017′ South, 66°47.497′ West, reaching a distance of only 2,582 kilometers or 1,604 miles to 90°S or geographic South Pole.

After finishing this last issue, I’ve made three polar travels, and I have crossed the Arctic and Antarctic Polar Circle.

I like bird watching and photography. Ride urban and road cycling.

Another countries that I have visited:

Canada, United States of America, Dominican Republic, Panama, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Greenland (Denmark), Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

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Once again, welcome and enjoy the original content that I’ll be publising in this page. Don’t forget, if you like, share it! and smile.

Humberto Sanchez Baquedano





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